Have you been wanting to deepen your Mediumship skills to build more confidence and increase your awareness and detailed info from the Spirit World? Have you been wanting to practice in a group setting, so that you can master group readings or maybe you aren’t sure if you want to do group readings but you know that you want to get more detailed info while feeling spirit? If so, this class is for you.

International Medium Lindsay Marino has a hands on approach when it comes to teaching Mediumship.

During this workshop you will learn tips and strategies to go deeper with your Mediumship, so that you feel more confident in the evidence and presence of the Spirit Realm.

Prerequisite for this workshop is: You can hold a link with the Spirit Realm for at least 15 minutes.

This class is limited to 15 students only.


10am – 12pm Class


1:30-3:30 Class

******No Refunds or Exchanges for future events*****